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Victoria Falls

Sekuti's Drift is a replica of a turn-of-the-century lodge, built an a hill top, and accurate down to the wrap-around verandahs with their red-painted concrete floors. This was more traditional accommodation, not open sided like the game park lodges, yet we found more "wildlife" at our doorstep and inside our room than anywhere else. Sometimes the wildlife was a breath-taking diversion, as when the two bull elephants arrived and drank from the water hole one night, illuminated only by spotlight. Other wildlife was less welcome. Beetles were everywhere: rhino beetles, dung beetles, blister beetles, and a myriad of smaller and more benign varieties. 



Sekuti's Drift 

Drinks on the verandah.
View from the verandah.
Above, one of the guides, Eddie, joins Keith and I for rock shandies on the verandah at the main lodge building. 
Another verandah at the lodge. Keith was sick with the flu for this part of the trip, so we spent many leisurely moments relaxing and resting here.
The bungalow.
The bungalow.
This is the verandah outside our room, the honeymoon suite (another benefit of off-season travel). Here Keith spots a herd of kudu in
the hills outside our bungalow.
Mosquito netting accident. Walking safari.
Another use for binoculars: after the mosquito netting crashed down on us at 3 a.m., Keith checks to make sure it has been securely refastened to the ceiling.  Thomas guided us on our only walking safari, in Chamabonda National Park, just down the hill from the lodge. Fortunately, he did not 
need to use his rifle on this outing.
Bug Night was the occasion of the hatching of the flying termite larvae, right outside our bungalow door. They covered the ground and filled the air. This event also attracted many other insects looking for a good meal. I don't know if we'll ever forget running the gauntlet through the hatching and flying insects, the rhino and dung beetles battling in the corner near the door, the blister beetles and others creeping under the door and into the room. 
We hear that there are fewer insects in the dry season, from May to October.



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