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Hwange National Park

Chokamella Lodge is located just outside the Hwange National Park gates. In December, the off-season, Keith and I were sometimes the only guests: pampered and privately guided. We had our own bungalow in the bush which, like the main lodge, was mostly open to the elements. We were provided with all meals and game drives, congenial company, fresh water, and an emergency whistle.

Chokamella Lodge 
Lodge pool
Our bungalow, one of only 10 on the estate. 
The plunge pool was located just outside our door. It wasn't quite hot enough for plunging: in fact we encountered some very wet weather! Perfect weather though for comfortable game viewing.
Mosquito netting
Interior of the bungalow
Our first ever encounter with mosquito netting, above. 
It took some getting used to, especially as we were jet-lagged and had to extricate ourselves several times a night to visit the bathroom.
The nights were cool, and we were invariably awakened in the morning by the bird alarm clock.
Viewing platform
Viewing platform
This is the viewing platform at the main lodge building, where we would often gather before and after dinner. It was mostly quiet, though we did spot a giant eagle owl one evening. Above, you can see the position of the viewing platform, over the lodge watering hole. One night a nearby baboon troop was so noisy and active our hosts suspected a cat in the area.
Keith and Pat
Sure enough, while Keith and I were enjoying after-dinner drinks in the lounge, a few yards away a leopard was drinking from the water hole. The guides found the tracks the next morning.

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