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Lake Kariba

Situated at the mouth of the Gache Gache River, the lodge was a friendly but very hot  place to visit in December. During our stay the managers were planning to install ceiling fans. Here we enjoyed excellent food and hospitality, and the dangers came from opposite ends of the spectrum: the tiny, silent malarial mosquitoes, and the hippos who lived just outside our open cottage. 


 Gache Gache Lodge

Bungalow room
Main lodge
Our room with the ubiquitous mosquito netting. After dinner we always returned to find it down and tucked in place for us. As in all the lodges, our flashlight and whistle were on the night table.
We spent a good part of the heat of the day in the main lodge, where it was slightly cooler and Keith could help himself at the bar. 
Our open-sided cottage. At night we could hear the hippos grazing on the lodge lawn just outside these windows. They were noisy and often sounded as if they were in the room with us And the other open side of the cottage, looking over the hyacinth-choked inlet where the hippos lived. Hippos may be vegetarian, but they are among the meanest creatures in the wild.
The pool
The lodge
The pool at Gache Gache.  Above is the open bar and dining room at the main lodge.
An Elegant Evening at a Zim Lodge 
A  hot shower, followed by a very quick application of Eau de Insect Repellent. Then, the Room Dash, from the bungalow to the main lodge, avoiding obstacles on the way. A delicious meal, and occasional plucking of insects from the food or table. Coffee and Amarula after dinner. Then the Room Dash back to bungalow, followed by Mosquito Net Dive, and lights out. 
Our usual candlelight dinner, above, with hosts Craig and Reuben, and the only other guests at the lodge, Thomas and his son Charles.

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